Frequently Asked Questions

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From actual jobs waiting fulfillment and scheduled lead management tools to informative content, RoofServicePro gives you what you need in the generation of roofing technology to win customers and grow your business.

Q. How does RoofServiceNow Pro work? A. First we find homeowners looking for help with an emergency leaky roof who wants on demand roofing services. Our mobile and web applications allow the homeowner to easy submit work orders for roof repairs with all the relevant information. The work order is open to the first roof contractor who accepts the order based on service type and location preferences. The premium service comes with prepaid emergency fee. When you arrive at the residence, estimates, pictures, communication, and payment are all managed via the mobile app. It’s that easy

Q. How much control do I have over the on demand service? A. Like Uber, Our online on demand service gives you full control, 24/7. You define which jobs to accept, your hours of your service and zip code preferences to ensure you only receive the types of requests you want. You can also specify in the app "offline" profiles to like your boss and customers you are not available for service. Sign up today to learn more!

Q. Do you offer any tools to manage the none on demand scheduled leads? A. Yes. We offer fully functional CRM tool with a robust master scheduler, fleet management tool, financial reporting tool that are user-friendly system that lets you categorize and organize your leads, keep track of communications, and connect with customers and your repair crew via sms, phone or email with the touch of a button. Our mobile app also lets you communicate with your repair crews, take these tools on the road to help you stay on top. And best of all, these tools of mobile and web application are all free for our customers.

Q. How much do RoofServiceNow cost? A. The price of our service requests varies by whether it’s an emergency on demand request or a scheduled repair request. To learn more, start your sign up today by clicking the link below.

Q. How do I join? A. To begin your sign up, just click on the sign up button below.